Getting ready.

Tomorrow we leave on our trip to Alaska and the west coast, the beginning of a 6 or 7 week adventure. With Bill and I both being retired an open ended return from our trip is not a problem. Preparation has turned into a much more time consuming process the I had anticipated with repairs and maintenance, the purchase of warm gloves and protective gear like boot covers etc. took some thought a preparation.

My ride.
My ride.

My cycle radio was acting up and it took 6 trips to the dealership to deal with a difficult to diagnose problem due to the fact that the intermittent nature of the problem. The 6 trips amounted to more then 800 miles of driving for me. Things finally got moving when I made a video of the problem with sound so that the Tec could hear that there was a problem. Additionally a call to Harley Davidson Corporate that included a promise by me that if the problem was not addressed Harley Davidson would loose any future business from me. After seeing that I have purchased a number of bikes over the years this threat did have some weight to it and the problem was taken care of.

Packing for the trip with an eye towards attempting to cover all my needs took some thought. We will be traveling in weather conditions that we anticipate will be from hot and dry to cold and wet. With the space available on the cycle much thought was put into clothing, rain gear tools and other gear for this trip.

With our plans for a a trip the artic circle that includes traveling hundreds of mile on the haul road to Prudhoe Bay that is on a gravel road made of sharp crushed granite that is slick if it rains and dusty when dry but always tire cutting sharp. Good tires, proper inflation and holding down our speed to lessen the impact of the sharp stone edges with the tires seems to be the best option. Changing the tires on this road, especially on a Harley Ultra, or any road for that matter would not be fun. Calling the HOG road service may to be an option with an anticipated lack of cell service and the distance from a participating HOG service rep. will limit our options for tire repair or any repair for that matter.

Anyway, I am as prepared as I’m going to be and am looking forward to what I believe, for me, will be the trip of a lifetime.

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