The trip to Glacier 8-6-16

After my walk through town, finishing my blog post and breakfast at the Pollard, Bill and I said goodby to Jeff and Alice. We took off at about 8:30 for Glacier.

We went North on US212 to SR421 West and got on interstate 90 West to the Big Timber exit where we fueled up.  We went North on US191 to US12 and went West.  The country is so wide open and unpopulated. The mountains were to our West and the plains to our East as we traveled North to Horlowton, MT.

When we arrived at Horlowton the route we were going to take North looked like rain. We opted to go West on US12.  The road was  almost deserted, in 36 miles of travel we past 5 or 6 cars. The deer and antelope greatly outnumbered the number of cars and people encountered.  At a rest spot we stopped and ran into a group of 3 riders that had just done the Beartooth and were on there way home to Lewiston, Idaho. After talking of the routes we were currently taking and exchanging stories of previous travels we were on our way.

We took US89 North after US12 and the road was totally different from the previous roads we had been on.  We went up a canyon road through the Lewis and Clark National Forest. The road was very much like the Spearfish Canyon road, a great ride. About 25 miles South of Grand Forks we climbed a hill and poped out of the canyon in to a large flat farm prarie. You could see for miles, a huge change from the canyon we were just in.

We stopped at the Harley dealer in Grand Forks for a dealer chip and coffee, they were out of coffee.  I bought a chip and we took off.  We had a windy but uneventful trip the next 100 miles until we started West on SR44 on the way to Browning, MT where we could see rain falling all around us and it looked like we were driving into trouble.  We were lucky and missed almost all the rain until just South of Browning where we hit light rain. We kept going to Browning.

We fueled at Browning and had a short and uneventful ride to St. Mary’s. Other than avoiding the cattle that were on the road and seemed to hide around the curves on US89, the trip was good.  We arrived our lodging, the St. Mary’s Inn at about 6:00, checked in, had a meal and drinks at the lodge and went to sleep early.

St Mary's Inn. Corner of US89 and The Road to the Sun
St Mary’s Inn. Corner of US89 and The Road to the Sun
Our room in the building.accross the road.
Our room in the building.accross the road.

Did about 450 miles today.


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