To the Alaska border.

After I took a short morning walk Bill and I had breakfast and were off at 8:30.  We fueled across from our motel, they had premium, most places don’t.

The ride to Whitehorse was uneventful with only 2 animal sightings, both red fox, 1 dead on the road and 1 alive.  That’s it for wild animals we sighted today.

On the way to Whitehorse I punched in the Harley dealer and the GPS directed us on how to get there.  When we arrived at the spot designed by the GPS there was a feed store.  After telling the GPS what I thought of it I noticed a man standing outside a business.  I drove up and asked where the Harley dealer in Whitehorse was.  He said it was across the street, but the went out of business.  I apologized to my GPS.20160812_113938

We fueled up then stopped at a Starbucks and had a latte, checked email etc. While we were sitting there I looked out into the Wal-Mart parking lot that adjourned Starbucks and it looked like they were having an RV convention.  The lot was more then half full of RV’s.  There are many RV’S on the road.

We were off again and headed for Haines Junction.  Coming into Haines Junction we could see glaciers again.

The glacier above Haines Junction.
The glacier above Haines Junction.

We fueled up and headed NW towards Beaver Creek, our home for the night.  There was a large amount of road work being performed on this section of highway.  We traveled large sections of gravel and in some cases mud where they watered the road to keep the dust down.  In some of the areas we went through you were taken through by an escort vehicle.  When we stopped to wait for an escort vehicle the flag person would flag the motorcycles to the front to keep us from being killed by dust.20160812_153413

When we got to Beaver Creek we found 1 place out of the 3 that had premium and fueled up.  We went to our motel and soon after we arrived a guy drove up on a Triumph.  He was on his way to Alaska from Atlanta, GA, on his own.

IDA's motel & cafe.
IDA’s motel & cafe.

The guy from Atlanta come to our room with a bottle of bourbon and we discussed motorcycles and our travels.

The Triumph of the guy from Atlanta.
The Triumph of the guy from Atlanta.

After that Bill and I went to the restaurant across the road for dinner then back to the motel and asleep before the sun agent down.

I was up at 3:00 started the post to my blog.  I checked my wallet and I havent lost my credit card yet and still have some cash.  I also checked out the phonebook that covers all of the Yukon and the northern part of British Columbia and there is 11 Joneses listed.  There are more Joneses listed in Belding then this entice huge area.

The phonebook for all the Yukon and northern British
The phonebook for all the Yukon and northern British Columbia.

I also checked the weather radar on my tablet.  It showed storms over our route to anchorage and they were all colored blue, I looked at the index for the radar and blue means snow, I look at the radar again, all blue.  What have I gotten myself into?

Bill setting a bad example for me.
Bill setting a bad example for me.

On to Anchorage, blue radar and all.

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