Now North Wednesday 8-17-16

I woke at 3:00 am being serenaded by Bill’s snoring and started on the fishing blog.

In the fishing blog I failed to mention the unique appointments of our accommodations.  It was a different place.  You could call it the OSB Palace due to the unique well covering.  The stairway area was so narrow you had to back up if you met another person on or next to them.

The OSB Palace
The OSB Palace

The room was very small but it worked.  Bill bet I would have problems with the bathroom, but I made it work.  I wish I had taken a picture.

Our room at the Driftwood in Homer.
Our room at the Driftwood in Homer.

The building had some nice things too. The back of the building overlooked the ocean and it has great fireplace.

The lobby area and sitting room.
The lobby area and sitting room.

We loaded the cycles and went to a bakery-restaurant called Two Sister owned and run by of all things, two sisters.  The clientele was a mixture of old and young and they had a earthy crunchy look to them.


On the way out a guy we met in the Yukon was coming in, he was having a house build on the bluff in Homer.  A nice guy.

We were in our rain gear and heading for Anchorage to get oil changes on both bikes.  The Harley dealer there got my bike in quickly and cost a small fortune to change the oil and check the bike over.

The dealership had a unique art piece in front of it made of stainless pcs. welded to form the bear.

At the Harley dealer in Anchorage.
At the Harley dealer in Anchorage.

I went to the Peanut Farm, a bar – restaurant that was to be our meeting place after our oil changes.  It is also a place my daughter Erin used to work at.  No Bill, I called him and they had just placed his bike on the lift.  I guess German engineered oil changes take longer.

I went to meet Bill at the BMW dealership, a place called the Motorcycle Shop.  It was owned and run by a guy named Don Rosene, a former Illinois native that started working in the motorcycle industry as a Penton factory rep. and a racer.  When Penton became KTM he went to work for them.

He visited Anchorage in 1972 and decided this is where he wanted to be. He, Bill and I had a great and long conversation about Midwest racing, his move to Alaska, his collection of old bikes on display.  We had plenty our time while waiting for the German engineered oil change.

We got out of there about 5:00 and were off to Wasilla and our room for the night.


Bills take on the day.

It was a rough day that started its downward spiral during our first gas stop. When I went to pull my credit card I realized it was missing and had to backtrack our previous evening😔Turns out I had left it at the restaurant we ate at. They are sending it home for me.

The ride today was fairly uneventful, a little rain and cloudy. The mountain views back to Anchorage were beautiful.  As Rich mentioned, this was a service day for us and I met several interesting people that I discussed our trip with.  When I mentioned that I was riding with a Harley guy they all asked if he made the trip without mechanical issues.  When I told them the Harley was thus far problem free, as former Harley riders, they were all shocked.  The bill for my service, engine oil change and rear differential oil change was steep but needed doing. We have traveled over 5000 miles so far!

Tomorrow the first thing we do is look for a pressure car wash to blow out my radiator which is loading with mud/debris from road repairs and causing the beamer to run too warm.


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