To Teslin on the return trip. 8-21-16

To Teslin for the second time with our return trip to the states.

We left Beaver Creek on a clear 45 deg. day on our first leg of today the ride to Haines Junction.  There was not much traffic on this stretch, we passed 2 vehicles in the first 66 kilometers.  One was traveling the same direction we were going.

We went through numerous work zones that were being sprayed with water to keep down the dust. Nothing was keeping the mud spray down however.  The last time we went through Bill’s radiator became mud coated and his bike began to run hot.  The same thing happened this time. Following a pace vehicle through these zones is a pain.

Follow in the pace vehicle.
Follow in the pace vehicle.
North of Haines Junction on the Alaska Highway.
North of Haines Junction on the Alaska Highway.

Just after the lake in the above picture I amost hit this Black Bear.  He was determined to cross the road even with us there.



We continued to Haines Junction and fueled up; then we were off to Whitehorse to find a carwash to clean the radiators and the bikes.

With that complete we were off to find our motel for the night.  The scenery was still good.


We have 248 km to our turn South and new territory for us.

Still no moose sighting.

After  last night we ran into 2 more riders coming back from Prudhoe Bay, one on a KDX, the other on a BMW 800, both are adventure bikes. We all discussed our trips and the two of them decided to ride together to Prince Rupert.  The KDX rider was getting on the ferry to Washington the other going to the Grizzly park.  The BMW rider had a suspended trailer.  I have a picture.


This morning I talked to another rider that was on his way back from Prudhoe, he had only gone down once.  Note the damaged box.  Probably $400.00 damage.


Now I’m done.

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