New teritory today. 8-22-16

We pulled out of Teslin and continued West on the Alaska Highway for 160 miles before turning South on Provincial Road 37 leaving the Yukon and into B.C.

This road is a gem with hills, enough turns and great viewing.  The first section was fire scarred. I would guess about two years ago.


As we moved South we moved into more mountains with many lakes.  The area had little population and most of the lakes were uninhabited and very beautiful.  I’m sure I will run out of words to describe the beauty of this vast country.

We stopped after 60 miles and I topped off the tank not knowing when we could fuel again; fuel stops are few and far between.

The fuel stop.
The fuel stop.

The road was great going in the mountains until we came to the road construction.  The flag person moved us to the front of the pack to try and keep us out of the dust, but it didn’t help much.  Following the pilot car was bad enough and it was for 15 kilometers.


We Continued on to Dease Lake and topped off again.  While there we met 2 couples on adventure bikes from Mexico; one couple from the Yucatan the other from Quintana Roo. They were on their way to Prudhoe Bay.  We may have crossed paths with every person going tho Prudhoe Bay.

The Mexicans bikes.
The Hispanics’ bikes.

From Dease Lake we headed to our room at the Tatogga Lake Resort.  The main lodge was a log building with two dining areas and a sitting area with large leather chairs and couches. The motel portion we stayed in was new.

Our room at Tatogga Lake Resort.
Our room at the Tatogga Lake Resort.
The sitting area.
The sitting area with Bill and his Wolverine.

We went to the main lodge for dinner. It has many mounts and hides to look at. Bill paid special attraction to one of them.

The Wolverine
The Wolverine

We got our first look at a moose in Canada although it was stuffed.


Our dinner was very good but I ordered too much again.  The mental adjustment to size apportionment is tough. I ate two more bites after this picture of our partially eaten meal and was stuffed.

My meal
My meal

At dinner we met 3 guys from Smithers, BC.  All friends that ride together and have been on trips across Mexico, the US and Canada. We had some laughs, a story telling session and drinks on the porch by our rooms.  John Vinny and Manny were fun to talk to.  We discussed our bikes and theirs which are adventure bikes.  All were happy with the midsize engines and the speed they were able to maintain was all that was needed.


We said goodbye to them in the morning, they went North, we were heading South.



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