We Continue. 8-23-16

Up at 5:30 and worked on yesterday’s post for a little while, then showered and headed to the main lodge to continue working on the post.

Having coffee while sitting in one of the chairs in the lounge I struck up a conversation with a woman that was from the local tribe. She is a Dr. Of archaeology that had moved away but was now back working on a local archaeological project.  New power lines were run through the area that she and a group would inspect where equipment had dug up the ground. They have found 400 artifacts so far in two weeks, mostly obsidian, valcanic glass.  The natives used this material that was mined out of a local valcano for cutting tools, arrowheads and weapons.

The mountain that the Obsidian was mined from is only a few miles away and is called My. Edziza.  Obsidian from this site has been found hundred of miles away and it dates back 12,000 years.  People have been in this area a long time.

We also discussed her growing up in this remote area many years ago.  The conversation started with her while looking at an old trestle sewing machine on display.  She talked of using a machine like that with her mother when she was a child and how well it worked on animal hides.  She said she would like to find a machine like that.  I said I have one in my garage I will give you, you only have to go to Michigan to pick It up. I think she began thinking, road trip.  Anyway it was an interesting start to my morning.

Bill came in and we had breakfast, a breakfast of granola they made there with fruit and yogurt. It was very good.  All the baked goods here were homemade onsite.

We loaded the bikes and headed South again.  The morning was clear with a temperature in the low 40’s.  It wasn’t long before we ran into more road construction,following a pilot car and eating dust.

At a town called Bell II we stopped for gas.  This is a resort area that specializes in Helo skiing.  A helocopter was leaving with a tour as we fueled.  There are many individual cabin units there and a nice but expensive restaurant and bar.

I was checking my phone for service while we were at Bell II and saw they had a guest WiFi.  I asked the girl at the counter what the password code was and she said you get 30 minutes of WiFi for $10.00.  I said I don’t need the map, I’m pretty good at figuring out where I’m going anyway.  Have a nice day.

Bell II
Bell II

We crossed many beautiful streams and rivers on today’s trip.  The beauty of BC just goes on and on.



We fueled at Kitwanga at the junction of PR 16 and PR37.  We headed East toward Prince George and chose to stop for the night at a motel in Burns Lake.  Not our best choice.

After a dinner at a local pub across the street from our motel we retired for the night both tired from an over 400 mile day.

Another note, we have seen 200 signs for moose crossings.  I have not seen a moose.  I have seen no bear crossing signs and have seen 12 bears almost hitting one.  Explain this to me.

On PR 16 going toward Prince George
On PR 16 going toward Prince George

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