To Portland. 8-28-16

It was in the upper 50’s and cloudy when we went to breakfast.  Ships were passing in the channel as we walked to eat.  Bill and I commented that it seemed strange to get up and see the huge ships so close and so often.  The channel runs very close to the South shore which is the Astoria side of the river.

The first freighter of the morning.
The first freighter of the morning.

After breakfast we fueled and then headed for Portland on US 30.  Our trip to Portland was 97 pleasant and uneventful miles with views of the Columbia river to the North and forested hills to the South.  We were able to check-in early and unloaded everything off of the bikes for our 5 night stay.

Bill and I  started to settle into our rooms when my daughter Erin arrived with our wives, Pauline and Mary.  It wasn’t long and they were unpacked. We shared stories of our travel experiences, what was left behind, what happened at the airport etc.  We also showed pictures of our recent travels.

Erin left us early to pick up her boyfriend from the hospital.  He was being released today after having a recent double kidney transplant.  It will have some impact on our plans, but it is an accomodation we are all happy to make. Good luck and get well Matt.  Matt is going to recuperate at Erin’s place.

We are off to have dinner a little early and we have a little better then a 1 mile walk to get there.  We were unable to get our car until tomorrow, but we needed the walk.

We ended up at, of all places,the Portland Brewing Co. for our dinner.  In Portland you can just about throw a stone from anywhere and hit a microbrew. The beer was good the food adequate and the walk felt good after dinner.

Portland Brewing Co.
Portland Brewing Co.



Tomorrow Enterprise is delivering our van and we’re off to Mt. Hood.

On the Canadian moose issue, I’ve come to the conclusion that the reason we saw no moose in Canada is they are all coming to the US over the border. They are displacing our animals, consuming resources they should not be allowed to have and they don’t pay taxes.  A border fence along the entire northern border is the only solution to this problem. And when I propose a fence I mean a real fence!  They are stealing from us, taking advantage of our animals and with the general criminal problem these moose bring, they must be stopped.

If you elect me……..

More on this later.



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