A slow day. 8-31-16

We started slow, not much interest in getting going by any of us. Bill and I took Erin’s boyfriend Matts truck to his house in Vancouver, WA. just across the river from Portland.  Matt rode along and directed us.

Bill, Matt and I had lunch at a Mexican food truck that Matt suggested and had a good lunch.  Bill was smart enough to not order knowing I would eat less then half the plate.

Erin took Pauline and Mary to Portlands Downtown where among other places they went to Powell bookstore “the city of books” covering a city block and 4 stories high.  Lunch was had downtown with additional shopping before returning to the motel.

We are going to Coquine for dinner tonight.  Erin made reservations for us 5 weeks ago.  They are usually booked out 5 or 6 weeks.  We all met in Bill and Mary’s room and sampled wine from yesterdays trip that Mary and Erin donated to the cause.

We went to the restaurant and had a truly fabulous meal with 2 wines suggested by the one of the owners Ksandek (the k is silent).  Both we outstanding.  We ordered  multiple appatizers and for the main course we ordered many items and we all shared.  The food, the cocktails, the wine, everything was great.  To many choices and flavors to describe. Dessert followed and then after dinner drinks.  For the after dinner drink when the order was taken Bill and I said surprise us and he did.  Very good.

Time to go to the motel.  On to the ocean tomorrow.


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