A rain day. 9-1-16

It had been raining and things were wet.  We had been planning to ride the bikes to the coast today.  It wasn’t raining now but we looked at the weather report and it wasn’t good.  We’ll take the van.

The rain started again before we made it to Astoria.  We had some views of the Columbia River as we paralleled it.


We stopped for lunch at the Buoy Brewery in Astoria and shared with Mary and Pauline the views we had enjoyed on our previous stop here.  They had an interesting wheat beer with unusual coloring.  It did not taste like you’d think it would by looking at it.  It tasted like wheat beer.

The Wheat Beer fro Buoy Brewery in Astoria, Oregon.
The Wheat Beer from Buoy Brewery in Astoria, Oregon.

We drove South out of Astoria with few views of the ocean here.  When we stopped at the town of Cannon Beach we got out to look at the ocean but the rain and haze limited the view.

Cannon Beach, OR.
Cannon Beach, OR.

We headed back to Portland from there, cutting the trip short because of the weather.  It started to clear on our way back.

Erin latter took us to a pub she used to work at and we had pizza there made completely from scratch, good stuff.  Back to the motel from there to pack up for our departure tomorrow.  Mary and Pauline had an 8:50 flight in the morning and Bill and I were off to Crater Lake, the deepest lake in the U.S.

On the moose issue, I have heard rumers of protesting moose.  I urge supporters to go knock the hell out of them as any civilized American would do.

More tomorrow.


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