To Brice. 9-6-16

An addendum to yesterdays post.  I forgot to mention as Bill and I were traveling  in the dark and down a canyon hill heading into Caliente I almost hit a Coyote. At 65 mph this would be no fun.  This is the second big animal I almost hit.  The last being a bear in the Yukon.

Another animal concern has been the cattle herds we drive through on some of these roads.  With open range and no fences the cattle stand on the roads, next to the road and most times on both sides.  We slow down as we pass just in case.

Onto the current post.

We got a slow start today. It was in the 60’s when we got left at 10:00.  The ride to Bryce Canyon took us through a variety of terrain.  We started out in valley farm land and transitioned to high desert on the way to Cedar City.  We drove through an area of scrub pines that covered the entire area.


After about an hour we crossed into Utah and passed through a large area of high desert farm land. The lower areas were irrigated and growing alfalfa.  We were traveling all morning at about 5600 feet.

After fueling up in Cedar City we headed West on SR 14 and were treated to a canyon that provided spectacular viewing as we rode through it.  The road climbed to almost 10,000 feet and ended up on a high plateau.  We rode on top for many miles past volcanic lakes and fields of broken up lava.




We decended down the other side of the plateau to US 89 and headed North to Bryce.

We went thru the Red Canyon on SR 12 on the way to the park.

Red Canyon
Red Canyon

We entered the park and stopped at the arch-over first.


We continued to the end of the park road and the highest area of the park.




The distance you could see was tremendous.
The distance you could see was tremendous.
A happy me. Pauline says I don't smile enough.
A happy me. Pauline says I don’t smile enough.

We rode out of the park and continued straight North on the John’s Pass Road.  There was no traffic as we traveled through this wide valley.  As has happened before in some of these vallys we started down into a small canyon that got deeper and wider.  It’s hard to explain how remote some of the areas we’re traveling thru now and on past days really are.

We went the 12 miles to US 89 due to gas and motel concerns.  We ended up running about 15 miles on Interstate 70; something we try to avoid like the plague.

Our stop for the night was at Richfield, Utah.  Next stop is Steamboat Spings, Colorado.  We can check out the ski area and hopefully get a cheap off-season room. This is going to be fun, riding a new area of the Rockies and visiting A ski area we’ve never been to.



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