Thru Nebraska farmland & into Iowa. 9-10-16

During this trip we discover we have a discrepancy in our mileage readings.  Bills reads 500 miles less then mine after 10,000 miles.  Bill claims my bike is wrong and its a Harley problem.  I tell him the same person that sized the radiators for his bike that occasionally overheats must have been tasked with building the odometer and he screwed that up too.

I don’t tell Bill that I used the mile markers to check my odometer and that after exactly the 20 mile marker my odometer turned 21 miles.  I’m 5% off, Bill’s is right, but I refuse to admit it.  Devious Bill has done something, I know it,  he can’t be trusted.

We were off to a slow start today on a clear beautiful 60 deg. day.  It was East again to Hastings and then North to Grand Island, NE.  At Grand Island we got on US 30, the Lincoln Highway, for almost the last leg of our journey.


We continued on the Lincon Highway to Columbus NE where we stopped for a chip at Harley Davidson of Columbus.  Marilyn, the owners wife, greeted us.  After finding out we were on our way back from Alaska she called her husband over to meet us.  He had completed a trip 2 years before and we again traded stories of our experiences.  Marilyn, after finding out that I collect the Harley dealer poker chips, came up with a couple of dealer meeting chips for me.  Great and friendly people like you almost always find at the dealerships I’ve visited.


We soon crossed into Iowa and were enjoying the ride through the plains and rolling farm land when we started to consider where to stop for the night.  After going through the town of Carroll, Iowa, we were on the East side of town when we saw another Harley dealer, Carroll Cycle Center.

There was a group of riders in front of the dealership all talking out front. We pulled in, stopped and the dealership owner’s wife came over to greet us.  Because of the nice weather they were having a hog club meeting out front and asked what we were up to and where we had been riding.  The dealership was closed but when I mentioned I would like a Poker chip she opened the doors and let us in. Again, a Harley dealership owned by great people.


There was a motel just to the West of the dealership and after getting the scoop on which of the two sportsbars by the motels was better, we checked in and walked over for a meal.  The Iowa, Iowa State was on and as can be expected in a spots bar, there was lots of interest in the game. We finished our meal and retired early.  Devious Bill had hurt us the night before.

On to Milwaukee tomorrow, then Monday we catch the ferry to Muskegon.

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