We begin the Prarie ride. 9-9-16

I was up early and went for a walk through the park in the hills to the west of the Rich’s house.  The park is the William F Hayden Green Mountain Park. There is a nice trail along the hillside with views of the city of Denver.  Rabbits were everywhere and I’d been warned to watch for rattlesnakes, I didn’t see any.

The view of Denver from the trail.
The view of Denver from the trail.
The trail
The trail.

We had breakfast with Bill’s cousin and after goodbyes hit the road.  It was 9:30 and in the 60’s when we left.  We chose the expressway to get us out of town as fast as possible.

As we headed East on I 70 we stopped at Mile High Harley for a chip and talked with Paul Johnson. He took the time to discuss engine changes on the new 8 valve engine.  Paul was knowledgeable about the changes to the new engines and all things Harley.

After the stop we were on our way East again.  We exited I 70 and took US 36 to Kansas.


Shorty after entering Kansas we stopped for fuel in the town of St. Francis. On the way in we saw a sign for a motorcycle museum in town.  After fueling up we decided to go and have a look.  On mainstreet in the middle of town was the museum.  Bill and I went in and were pleasingly surprised by this collection.  Many old Harleys and Indians, but they also had many rare bikes from the early part of the century.  Names like Pope, Jefferson, Flying Merkal, Flanders and Orient.  The Orient is one of only two known to exist.  The Jefferson was made in Jefferson, WI, 5 miles from where my mother grew up.

The 1913 Jefferson
The 1913 Jefferson


The Flying Merkal.
The Flying Merkal.
The Orient. One of two known to exist.
The Orient , one of two known to exist.
The Yale.
The Yale.

We had to leave, so we said goodby to Bruce the volunteer that was working at the museum and who had greeted us on the way in.

East again on US 36 to SR 116 and North into Nebraska where we turned East on US 34 to Mc. Cook. We took a room at the Days Inn which was located near a resturant called the Coppermill Steakhouse.

After settling into our room we walked over to the restaurant for dinner. We sat at the bar and had a drink and talked with locals before ordering dinner.  I found a Salmon appetizer that filled my need not too order to much. Bill had a salad with grilled chicken.

We met another guy who came to the bar to eat and we had drinks with him after dinner. Devious Bill lead me astray as we went out on the deck overlooking the golf course and had cocktails with our new friend Justin Hamlin (I hope I have his first name right). Sitting around a gas fire pit, like the ones on the roof of the Alex Johnson, and enjoying the conversation with our cocktails was great.

Our new friend has a  musician/songwriter son in Nashville that was picked during the CMA awards show as a person to watch.  His name is Easton Hamlin.  If your interested his website is.  Easton Hamlin.com

To Iowa tomorrow.

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