First Post 7-23-17

Its been a long time since Bill and I last posted to this blog.  Many changes have taken place in the way we look at motorcycle travel and the best way to enhance our travel adventures. With our being unable to travel to the Artic Circle using the haul road to Prudhue Bay on last years trip to Alaska we discussed changes.  We were unable to use the haul road due to rain and road conditions. Our bikes were both road bikes and the road to the Artic Circle and Prudhoe Bay was gravel and the road conditions on the road were soft, due to road work, and muddy due to all the rain. We started talking Adventure Bikes and a new type of riding with new route choices available to us on Adventure Bikes. Through the fall we read and looked at bikes in the Adventure bike category. The question was what size bike would fit our need and which brand would best fit our individual requirements.

In November I was on line looking at cycle’s at an auction site and found new KTM 1290 Adventure up for auction from a dealership, I placed a bid and went to $14,500 in my bidding, I lost the bike. The next week while again on the auction site I saw the same bike come up again, this time I only went to $14,000 and won the bidding. I arranged to pickup the cycle at a location in far Western Illinois and with the help of my very happy and supportive wife was now on my way to retrieve my purchase.

Now the pressure was on Bill. Bill has a strong brand loyalty and leaned strongly towards the BMW line. The only thing I thought would sway Bill from the BMW was his conservative nature when it comes to spending money. But sure enough after much consternation, hand wringing, mental self torture, deliberation and then rationalization, Bill overcame his conservative impulses and did what was obvious to me he would do all along, he bought the BMW. Anyone who knows me understands that I will not make an issue of the LARGE price difference in our purchases.

Bill’s purchase was a new BMW 1200 GSA adventure bike, I had purchased a new KTM 1290 Super adventure. We again have different bikes and we can take turns picking at each other over our choices. I will mention I paid far less, not a dig, just a fact. Again, I would never dig at him about the money difference.

Our choice for a trip this year is from our homes in Belding and Lowell, Michigan to the 4 corners and then travel the BCR route through Colorado. This route runs from the Southwest corner of the state up to the Wyoming border near Steamboat Springs traveling over many high country passes and into old mining towns etc. BDR’s web page and this route and others can be seen at

We have taken a couple of trips into the woods in Northern Michigan to test our bikes, tires and our diminishing off road skills. As I write this we are both gearing up for the inaugural trip to the high country of Colorado and are both excited and apprehensive about our chosen route. The excitement comes from our wanting to see this beautiful part of the USA, our apprehension comes from hoping the riding skills of a 65 and a 66 year old rider are up to the task.

We look forward to blogging about our trip and loading pictures for anyone looking to enjoy.


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