Camping Gear & the Route

Camping gear.

Last year for our trip to Alaska I purchased a sleeping bag with an air pad that fit into a pocket on the bottom of the bag and would not slide out from under you. This setup was just in case we were unable to get to a motel and had to camp as our last option. We did not have any other equipment for camping such as foo, stove, pans etc. Bill did purchase a 3 man tent that we would both fit in if necessary. But the idea of sleeping in the same tent with Bill considering the way I sleep was probably not a good idea. I tend to thrash around at night. I worried I would start thrashing and then not sleep myself worrying about wrecking Bills sleep. This year I bought a tent for myself.
Again the search for the best value in a tent balancing price, weight and features against price. I ended up with what I think is a pretty good 2 man tent. I bought a Sierra Designs flash 2 person tent, about 2 pounds heavier then the lightest version of this tent and more then $100.00 cheaper. This will work if necessary.
I did a practice setup of the tent and it went together pretty much as advertised and was easy to set up, take down and repack. Again, this will work if needed.
Camping is the backup for our sleeping plans and there is a much better chance this might be necessay then on our other trips. I think our backup is a good idea.

The Route.

This is the first year we have ever taken a trip where we have no firm route planed and no reservations made anywhere except in West Yellowstone where we will stay with my wife’s cousin and her husband. With West Yellowstone being almost directly under the path of the eclipse the rooms anywhere near the date of the eclipse are in the many hundreds.
As to the rest of our route we will head South and work our way West and South to route US 50 or US 54 and follow it to Colorado and into the mountains.
Bill is in charge of the Backcountry Discovery Route portion of the trip. We are suppose to be able to download the route to our GPS’s but as of this writing we have not been successful. Maybe Bill can find a teenager to show us how to do the map install.
Just a small update 12 hours prior to departure. A friend who is much more computer savvy then I am come over and he was unable to load the map. He did not have much time to devote to this project and said we will figure it out upon our return for future map loading. Its old school paper maps for now along with the Garmen Zumo 595

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