Clothing and ?

As we were planning this trip I came to the conclusion that the current riding wear I have may not be what we need for this type of adventure. To the internet we go to start researching the items we will need. Our goal of staying warm, cool, dry, generally comfortable and protected as best we can be from possible damage to my old body from age and skill related riding problems. The coat was first and after much deliberation as to how accomplish being both warm when needed and well ventilated in warmer situations then add to that trying to staying dry in a rain.
My first attempt was a Olympia multi layered coat with many pockets, a rain layer, a layer for warmth, a hydration system, impact protection in the elbows and back and was hi visibility. When I received this coat I tried it on and became suddenly aware that this coat choice may have tried to cover to many bases. I packed it up and sent it back.
My second coat purchase was again an Olympia with impact protection, Hi visibility, waterproofing included in the outer layer with large venting and a liner for warmth if necessary. This coat better fit my needs and I kept it. It was long enough for me as I don’t like short jacket style outerwear and this coat was more comfortable then my first purchase. I also don’t have to stop to add a rain layer with this coat, a big plus to me.
Now the riding pants. I need to accomplish many of the same things as the coat did. I went with a tough pant with knee and hip protection and has large vents in the legs. They will provide rain protection to a limited extent in light rain situations bun I will now I have to stop to put on the rain protection layer for extended or heavy rain situations. The good news is that I can put this layer on over my boot and pants, quick and not too difficult.
Gloves for the trail and road use was another item we had to figure out. I went away from the made for motorcycle industry offerings and chose an oil field work glove called Kongs. They provide knuckle and back of the hand protection, are curved to fit the grips are decently vented and have good gripping material on the palms and fingers. The three additional things about these gloves I like, they come in a 3X that fits my large hands, are only about $20.00 and are Hi visibility. These should work.

Now that I have spent a fair sum on riding gear I still haven’t covered my feet. I found my old motocross boots from circa 1981 and cleaned them, added new waterproofing and tried them out, they fit and worked well. Now I have Hi – Tec coat and pants and oil field work gloves to go with my old school motocross boots. It works for me.

I will give you updates as to how wise a choice I made with the boots and all the gear.

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