Our first day on the road 8-1-17

I woke early as usual and our plan was to meet at Bill’s at 9:00 am. This should be simple but as I was finishing my packing I found out that I had forgotten to pick up a prescription I had called in so off I went to the pharmacy. Round trip is about 50 minutes. When I got back home I started to pack the bike and discovered that 2 of the straps I fabricated for tying down the load were too short. Now I am repacking and switching the straps around. Finally I competed the loading and was ready to leave. I got to Bill’s at 9:45, late and flustered but ready to go.

We took all secondary roads South to Indiana and as time went on I was able to relax more and start to enjoy the riding. It always takes me time to get to the point where I can get relaxed and am able to just cruise and enjoy.

In Indiana we went through Amish and Mennonite country with an abundance of beautiful farms and small business. We rode past many small businesses that appeared to be dedicated to furniture, outdoor chairs, cabinet making, the building of buggies and buggie repair.  Buggies were in abundance and worked as mobile road blocks a number of times. This was a nice area to go through and help us start to relax.

Just North of Wabash Indiana we ran into road work and turned West. We continued going either West or South until Lafayette, Indiana, and made the mistake of driving into town, another hour of my life wasted. After Lafayette the roads became less crowded and the distance between towns increased making for more relaxed riding.

We ended up running through rain as we approached Lincoln, Illinois, but all in all we were pretty lucky with the rain. We drove past many showers that were either North or South of us as we headed West,  lucky enough to miss them.

Our home for the night was a Holiday Inn Express with a Mexican restaurant next door. After settling in we went over to the restaurant. We ordered a couple of Negra Modelo beers and started to get settled into a routine familiar to us from our previous trips. Ride, room, food & Beer, rest, then start it all over again tomorrow.

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