Day 3 8-3-17

We left Iola, Kansas about 8:00 and headed west on US 54 towards Wichita. The morning was great with the temp’s running about 70 in the morning. The day was a continuation of yesterday, going through prairie and farm land and intermittently passing through small towns.
After about 150 miles we reached Wichita. Unfortunately the route we picked seemed to catch most of the road construction. Compared to the smaller towns we have been going through Wichita appeared to be booming. I think we drove by every mall, car dealer, box store and Walmart in the town. I’m not kidding, on this route and we passed at least 3 Walmarts. It felt good when we exited the crowded city and continued on our way West.
After some time on US 54 we took US 400 and drove to where it merged with US 50 at Dodge city. Dodge city is much smaller then Wichita but still a bigger town for West Kansas and worked hard to display it’s old west history.
US 550 took us to Garden City, Kansas where I failed to see the garden part of the town’s name. Coming into town we passed a large rail yard where they were unloading wind generators parts. I spent too much time observing this operation and all the towers, blades and generator units stored in the yard and missed the sign for the US 50 bypass. As a result, we ended up going through Garden City on the business route.

As we continued our journey, we came to a small town where someone displayed his “Iron art” along the road for ¼ mile. Political statements clearly were his specialty.

He loves political figures
The artist is taken with Nazi symbols.

Not much farther and we reached Lamar, Colorado and a Holiday Inn which became our home for the night. I was checking my bikes odometer against the GPS mileage data and the difference in 400 miles was 7.6 mile. My cycle speedometer and odometer was a little less then 2% fast. Last year my Harley checked out at about 5% fast. We will check Bill’s tomorrow so we will have something to argue about as usual.

When we got to our room we decided to attempt linking our headset intercoms using the factory provided instructions. Cardo could have written the instructions using Chinese symbols and it would have made just about as much sense as these instructions. We turned to U tube for the answer and were successful in finding a video showing the process. We are now able to insult each other and argue while we drive. This will afford us more opportunities to be distracted and miss road signs and turns as we continue on our journey. As if we’re not distracted enough as we drive.

Off to the mountains tomorrow.

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