Day 4 8-4-17

Up at 4:30 again, this time in Lamar, Colorado. I guess that I slept an extra hour because we changed time zones. My first project of the day was to change the way I had things arranged on my bike. This always seems to be a work in progress.
After Bill’s morning swim we packed up the bikes, fueled them up and were on our way to the mountains. The scenery in eastern Colorado did not change much from that of Kansas. The temperature was in the upper 60’s and again made for very comfortable riding.
At the motel we zeroed out odometers to check Bill’s cycle odometer against the GPS odometer. After 100 miles on the GPS odometer, Bill’s cycle odometer read 97, 3% slow.
We stopped in Pueblo for a snack and water then headed for the mountains. The temperature increased dramatically from the 60’s of our morning ride to the mid 80’s.

Heading to the Gorge from Pueblo.

We stopped at Royal Gorge and first viewed the suspension bridge from a high point down river to the South. The bridge goes across the gorge and over the Arkansas River at 933’. We then drove to the bridge entrance and looked at the offerings. With a $23.00 ticket you can take a tram ride over the gorge and return on foot over the bridge or ride the tram back. They also offered, for $50.00, a zip line ride from one side of the gorge to the other. We just looked, took pictures and I bought a hat to replace the one I had lost on this trip. I need another hat to go with the pile I have at home.

The bridge over 900 feet up from the river.
The bridge over 900″ above the train below.

We rode on into the mountains and decided to spend the night in Salida, Colorado. We found a motel called The Great Western Colorado Lodge. It was close to a microbrew that served no food, but did have a food truck located outside. It would work for us, so we checked into what was almost the last room available and headed out for a beer and food.

Soalbrew in Salida, CO.

The beer offerings at Soulcraft Brewing were plentiful and good. The Mexican food from the food truck was great. I ordered nachos that were not your typical offering and Bill ordered a chicken burrito. Both were excellent.

The food truck at Soulbrew.

We headed to the room after planning our trip towards the Four Corners and reserved a room in Cortez for Saturday night. We will start on the BDR (Backcountry Discovery Routes) trail tomorrow.

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