Day 5 it’s 8-5-17

My bike on US 550

This morning was no different then the previous 4 mornings. I woke up early and walked down to the local coffee shop for the Latte I have been missing so far on this trip. I arrived a little before 6 and found out that they open at 7. I sat in there outdoor seating which consisted of 2 chairs and a table facing US 50 and worked at finishing the blog for the previous 2 days. I was pretty much complete with my catching up on the blog posts when they opened the doors.
I ordered the 20 oz. latte and I must have looked cold after sitting outside for an hour in shorts and a t-shirt with the temperature being 57 degrees, he put 4 shots in my latte. I’m warm and awake now.
After Bill proof read the blog posts and complaining that he was slowed by the beer he had last night. Bill was claiming that to much beer affected his sleep and thus the proof reading was hindered, I’m not sure.
After talking to some people staying at the hotel and listening to the stories of people with tire problems and of there not knowing how to patch tires we made a decision. We went to the auto parts store, purchased some tire patches and some green slim for emergency repairs. Bill and I both know how to remove tires and we had the tools with us to do it. We were only carrying plugs prior to this. Now, we are feeling a little better prepared for our adventure.
Like the day before we took off heading West on US 50 toward Montrose. There we would turn South and take US 550 referred to as the Million dollar highway to Durango. Montrose looked like a thriving and modestly more upscale place. We drove past New microbreweries, many restaurants and new stores along the entire route we took through town.
US 550 the Million Dollar Highway, was not a disappointment. Though the travel was slow and we were on 2 lane road the scenery was spectacular. We passed ski areas, old mines and we traveled over one 11,000 foot pass and 3 that were well over 10,000 feet. The towns along the way were full of people enjoying the outdoor activities at hand.

Old mine breaker building

We stopped in Silverton at the Harley store to pick up a chip and had a great conversation with the guy running the store. A rider, he lived in the hill country of West Texas and came to Silverton for the summers. After our conversation with him about riding the Texas hill country I think a trip there may be in order one of these winters.

The streets of Silverton, CO

We finished our traveling South on US 550 at Durango then turned and headed West for the last 49 mile to or destination for this day Cortez. We are staying at a Super 8 motel in town and after starting our trail adventure at the four corners tomorrow we will again pass through Cortes on our way to Telluride. We will spend our first night after first day on the trail in Telluride. Not an inexpensive place to stay. The cheapest places we could find online start at $139.00 per night and some are listed at over $900.00 per night.
The weather forecast for tomorrow is iffy but were up for this and ready to ride the first leg of the COBDR (Colorado Backcountry Discovery Route)

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