Day 10 it’s 8-10-17

Today it was a 5:30 awakening. I went to a local coffee shop called Midland Station that had my latte and served breakfast crepes. The breakfast crepe was good as was the latte. I worked on the blog until Bill showed up and we formulated a plan for the day.
We started to execute the plan, we would ride 2 up to Anderson Motors, a Jeep rental place in Salida that also had a couple of other vehicles to rent. I would drop Bill D off and he would pick up the vehicle which turned out to be a Jeep Liberty, go back to the motel in Buena Vista and pick up the luggage from the room and then drive to Montrose to meet up with me. I would continue on the 101 mile ride to Montrose and Davis Service Center, a KTM dealer that would address my shock problem.
I had to be to the dealership in time to have the problem analyzed so that they would be able to order the parts for the repair. The order time cut off for next day delivery was 1:00 pm. I left the car rental at a little after 9 and was doing well until I came upon road construction on US 50. Not just one but 3 place with flagman and stopped vehicles. I lost the better part of an hour and arrived at Davis Service center at a few minutes after 12. When I got there they had me pull the bike right in and the took it back to check out the problem right away. The service manager completed the parts order at 12:53 and said, I hope we got it in in time for delivery tomorrow. So do I.
Jerry’s Service center is a multi bike dealership with a large number of KTM’s in stock and a knowledgeable staff. They went out of their way to take care of a traveling KTM owner and make me feel that the KTM was the right choice for me. And I do believe this bike was the right choice.

In Jerry’s Service showroom.
Some of the Adventure bikes at Jerry’s
KTM’s everywhere

Another advantage to buying a KTM is I am free to buy riding outerwear other then the Klim that seems to be the only accessory outerwear a BMW rider seem to wear. I choose both an Olympia coat and pants. Olympia was designed and tested by a couple in Alaska that used adventure riding guides to help design and perfect there outerwear. Both my coat and pants have performed great and lived up to the claims made in the advertising. I hate to admit it but I have tested the crash worthiness of this gear. It did protect me when I ended up on the ground. My circa 1981 motocross boots have worked well doing the job of keeping my feet dry in the river and lake crossings while protecting my lower leg from hits. The gear choices have worked out well.
Bill D got to Jerrys Service center around 2:00 and we looked at bikes and riding gear to burn a little time before securing a room for the night. We moved into our room and Bill D told me about turning in a claim for the bike and the damage. With a $1,900.00 towing bill and the damage to the bike the costs with car rental could approach $3,000.00. My damages are covered by warrantee and my personal costs may include me picking up the expedited shipping.
After getting settled in the room we walked down the street a ¼ mile or so to the Horsefly brewing Co. for beer and something to eat. After a beer and discussing our next move we ordered an appetizer of Asian Spring rolls to start with. Bill proofed the blog and I started loading it on the blog page so I could add pictures.


A picture of Bill D proofing.
Inside the Horsefly Microbrew in Montrose, CO.

The battery’s went dead in the keyboard and then the tablet battery warning came up on the tablet so I saved the work and shut it down until I could get to a charger.
We made our dinner order, Bill D had the special of a Brat and burger sandwich on a pretzel bun and I ordered a Taco Salad with grilled chicken. Both were good.
Over dinner Bill D and I discussed our choices in what we packed to go on this journey. We both would decrease the amount of clothing we brought and add some additional gear camping/survival gear. A small R/O water pump would be a good addition.
We headed back to the room and our charging apparatus so I could complete and post the blog. We were off to bed by 8:30 and both ready for a good night’s sleep to let our wounds heal. Our pride could use some recharging too. More tomorrow.

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