Day 7 It’s 8-7-17

I missed putting this day on the blog.  Her it is for 8-7-17

Today I managed to sleep until almost 5 if you include the 2 hours I was awake prior to getting out of bed. The lobby did not open for food until 7:30 so I found a local bakery, breakfast and coffee spot called Baked in Telluride that opened at 5:30. I went there for a Latte, something to eat and to work on blog posts. Bill D (I will refer to the Bill I came with as Bill D and the other Bill as just Bill to try to keep the names straight) came down later and we sat to discussed the day as I worked on the blog. Bill texted me about where they could go to eat and our starting time.
We met on the street where our bikes were parked, loaded up and headed out.

We stopped for fuel and to adjust tire pressures. Bill D and I had not adjusted our pressures down from road settings. Now we hit the trail. It started out as gravel county roads and after crossing CO 145 we went through the town of Ophil on our way to going over our first high pass of the day.


Parked at the motel in Tellaride
The beginning of day 7

The Ofhil pass is 11,767’ high and the route to the top took us through woods and streams and then we hit the rocky portion as we approached the top. The rocks were baseball to bowling ball size, jagged and provided a new riding challenge. Bill D and I had no experience at riding a trail almost completely covered in these rocks but we are going to be on our way to a quick education into this type of riding.

First time down today day 7

Dan when down on the first steep incline and we helped him get up and going. I was at a spot at the top of the first climb and after helping Dan Bill D tried to make the climb, lost it and down he went. It took a lot more work to get Bills bike up to where mine was. I traveled up to where Bill had stopped Dan followed and we all squeeze to a wide spot in the trail that was not very wide to let some Jeeps that were coming down pass. Dan and Bill continued to the summit. I stopped at the last switchback before the summit, waited to see that Bill D was coming and headed to the top. On the way my front wheel clipped a rock just smaller then a bowling ball and went under the bike causing the rear of the bike to be bounced up and sideways. I caught a rock on the side of the mountain, came to a stop and fell over.

Looking up the hill to the Summit from where I went down.

I was able to pull the back of the bike around and stand it up myself. After a few minutes of catching my breath (it’s over 11,000’ where I am standing) I looked for Bill D. It seems he had gone down on the last switchback. Some people heading down on dirt bikes came by and I asked if they could check on bill and help if necessary and they did. I finished the ride to the top. And we waited for Bill D. He started up after a while but again went down before the summit. Bill, Dan and I went down to help and I rode Bill D’s bike to the summit.
The trip down the back side was a cake walk compared to the side we came up. We rode to the next pass, another of the 5 we would go over this day. In order they would be Ophir, Red Mtn, Hurricane, California and Cinnamon passes.
We had some problems at some of the other passes on this route. Dan when down after a switchback and Bill D went down trying to avoid him and with much help from ATV riders we got Bill D’s bike down the turn so he could make another attempt at the climb.

Dan went down the BIll D when he tried to go arond

After that there were only minor incidents and we completed the day 2 to 3 hours later then we thought we would. We left at 8:00 in the morning and were in Lake City, 67 mile of travel later, at 4:30. It took 8 ½ hours to go 67 miles.
We acquired rooms at the Silver Spur Motel for the night and moved in. After a little dinner and planning for the next day we all went back to the Motel to lick our wounds and get some sleep.

On to Bueno Vista, section 3 of the ride 144 miles. This section is suppose to be less technical then today with fewer and lower passes. There are some river crossings today and with the rain that Colorado has been having the rivers should be high. Hopefully the falling is over.
The town of Buena Vista is more tourist oriented then Lake City so the motel prices will go up. We will hope for the best.

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