Day 11 it’a 8-11-17

Up again at 5:30, took a shower and headed to the Coffee house down the road for my morning latte and to worked on the blog. It was truly a house converted for this purpose.
I returned to the room after my latte and Bill and I went to breakfast at a little shop a block off the main drag called Light House Coffee Shoppe & Eatery. There was only one customer other then Bill D and I. The owner came to greet and seat us. She explained their special Green Chili Breakfast Barrito. Bill had the larger one, I had the smaller one and they were very good as was the coffee (as if I needed more coffee after the large latte).
We walked back to our room, gathered up all our belongings, loaded them into the car and then headed for our next great adventure, the laundromat.

We had time to kill before we would know if the parts for my bike had come in so we did our laundry and went to Walgreens for trail mix and some other items. After finishing our laundry I called the bike shop and the part was in and the tech was installing it as we spoke. We headed to the bike shop to wait. The service manager showed me the old shock body and the rod that had come undone from the valving inside. It was toasted.
KTM picked up the bill, I only wish they could make up the days we lost. Luckily we had extra days built into our trip. The shop took only 26 hours to diagnose, order the parts, receive them, put them on and send me on my way. They did a great job taking care of me.
We headed to Salina for the night. In the morning we would leave my cycle in Salina where we rented the car and Bill and I would take the rental car to Colorado Springs to get his bike. The BMW dealer repaired Bill’s within a day, taking parts off a new bike on their sales floor. Another great service job.
On my way back from Montrose my cycle’s computer said I had a traveling range of zero mile , meaning I was close to being out of fuel. My GPS has a gas station feature that said there was a station 12 miles ahead. When I got there it was out of business. The next station listed was 6 miles away and when we got there it was also out of business. No worries, there was another one 5 miles down the rode. However, it was also out of business. The next station listed was 15 miles away and when I got there they had shut down the gas station portion of the business, only the store was open. The owner said he had gas for ORV’s in a tank in the campground, but only regular. I said I’ll take 2 gallons. He said $4.40 a gallon. I’ll happily took it. We went down to the camp after paying him and I was again on my way.
After having put only 2 gallons in my bike the computer now said I had an 180 miles range until empty. That’s 90 miles on a gallon if my math is right! I think not. The computers I am dealing with are not doing well. The GPS lied 4 times and the computer on this bike is in its on world. Maybe BMWs aren’t that bad. Those Germans are sticklers for precision. I’ll never admit that to Bill though.  (The previous paragraph was changed during editing by Bill D.)

Off to Salina for the night.
We stayed at the Silver Ridge Lodge. It’s an older facility but in great shape and clean as a whistle, a great place to stay.
Down to Soulcraft Brewing for beer and dinner. We were back to the motel at 8 and in bed sleeping by 8:30. What a life!
More tomorrow.

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