Day 12 It’s 8-12-17

We had a good night’s sleep at the Silver Cloud Motel. We hit the sack at 8:30 and both of us awoke at about 1:30 and read until about 4. I still got over 7 hour of sleep which is good for me.
We went for the motel breakfast and then were on our way to Colorado Springs to pick up Bill’s bike. We only stopped at the local coffee shop for a latte before heading out.
Our trip to Colorado Springs was uneventful, but that’s alright considering recent events. We picked up Bill’s bike which had been partially repaired. Repairs to the components essential to the operation of the bike were all that he had repaired. The valve cover was replaced along with a coil pack. The other injuries to the bike that are unessential to it’s bikes operation are going to be repaired in G.R.
The ride back was as uneventful as the trip there. Bill followed me as we headed to Salina. When we got to Salina we unpacked the Jeep, loaded our bikes, returned the Jeep to the rental place and headed to Buena Vista for the night. This would of put us close to the trail for tomorrow’s start. Unfortunately, when we returned to the Topaz motel (where we had last stayed), they were booked. We asked the lady that owned the motel if she knew of any other places with availability. She said no, a festival celebrating the gold rush days was going on in Buena Vista. Everything was booked and we were without a room. So, we made the 28 mile trek back to Salina where we had stayed last night and booked a room at the Great Western Colorado Lodge. It was one of the last rooms they had for the night.
As had become our pattern, we walked 1/8 mile to the Soulcraft Brewing for the 3rd time since starting this trip. More beer tasting and another trip to the taco truck. We maintained our continuity and both ordered what we last had, Chicken Burrito for Bill and Ahi Tuna Tacos for me. Both are really good.
We headed back to the room after eating and packed up the camping equipment we had spread out to dry and went to bed.

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