Day 14 it’s 8-14-17

Today is a trip from Eagle to Steamboat Springs. We were up early again and I went for a latte and Bill went for a swim. After loading the bikes we went for fuel.
The trail stated by going straight North out of Gypsum and the road was rutted from being driven on when this clay road was wet. After about 10 miles the road narrowed to a 2 track and at about 18 miles out we came to a large wet area where the clay was like grease. This time we stopped and walked the area to determine which line to take.
The line I chose included going through a small ditch that was still wet. As I went across the ditch and was starting up the other side I gave the bike a little to much gas and slid the bike to the side and fell. Not the start to the day I was looking for. Bill chose a line going around the pond that was there and the line worked well, he made it.
Less then a ½ mile later we cam to another mud bog. Again we walked and looked for different lines. This time Bill and I both chose the same line and we went through without a problem.
From here on the road went through many changes in scenery and the mud was never a problem again today. The road got wider and followed a river that has a rail line running directly along the road where a ditch would be. If a train were on the tracks you could touch it while still on the road.

Close to the rails.

We ended up on a State highway 131 and followed it to the turn off back to gravel. The road was good the rest of the way to Steamboat. It rained a couple of times on the way but was not a problem.

Just outside of Steamboat we came upon a farm field with a couple hundred elk grazing a few hundred yards off of the road. I did not get a picture.
We arrived in Steamboat an the middle of the afternoon and checked into the Nordic Lodge just off of the downtown area. We had stayed here last year on our return from Alaska. Many other bikers sty here and when we checked in the owner inquired about our travels and then gave us each a beer to settle in with, nice people.
After a little time in the room we made the walk to a local microbrew and eatery, had a couple of beers and a bowl of mussels to fill the void.

Bill & old friend.

We moved on to a restaurant close to the motel that we went to last year called The Laundry. Michael the owner greeted us. We sat at the bar and the bartender was great telling us about all the items on the menu we were asking about. We order a small plate of Pork Cheeks and later a Brussel Sprout hash. Both were great.

At the Laundry Restaurant.

After a couple of drinks we retired for the evening. Its suppose to be an easy day tomorrow.

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