Day 15 it’s 8-15-17

I was up early again, worked on the blog and soon thereafter we loaded the bikes for today’s trip, the final leg of the COBDR.
We had breakfast at the motel, good bagels, many choices of fresh cut up fruit that was actually cut up there, fresh muffins, doughnuts, cereals, juices and coffee. Not a bad motel breakfast.
We left the motel in search of a gas station and my Garmin said there was one on the way out of town. As we drove by the place where the station was suppose to be there was nothing. We turned around and went back into town and fueled up. We headed out again and further out we passed 2 gas stations not on the Garmin. Another failure of the technology.
This leg of the journey took us on all gravel roads. Some were narrow forest roads but most were your average gravel roads.
We wound our way North through woods and fields passing one of the largest houses I’ve seen on this trip. It was out in the middle of nowhere. Quite a sight, I wish I had taken a picture of it.

Bad picture, big house.

After figuring out which way to go when the road signs and the GPS didn’t match, we found ourselves in Wyoming. We were at the end of the COBDR with bruises and bike damage to prove it.

What happens when you take the windshield off your bike with your arm.

We aired up our tires to road pressures, had something to drink and discussed where to go next. We decided to go to Flaming Gorge National Park in Utah. The fact that it looked less likely to rain if we headed South helped with our decision. We decided to take a route back into Colorado and when we got to Craig, Colorado, we went West on US 50. I’ve been on this road before but had forgotten how wide open and desolate this section of road is. We would go miles without passing any oncoming traffic.
We made it to Vernal, Utah where there were motels. Coming in from the East we drove by many old near abandon motels. Not wanting to stop at any of these we continued West through town and came upon many new motel units. We chose a Townplace Suites by Marriot. Nice new place and we got a government rate. As we all know, Bill was in transit to a meeting for his government job.
For our meal we walked 1 mile to a Wingit restaurant for a beer and something to eat. We needed the walk after all the sitting on the bikes. We stopped at Walgreens, picked up a 6 pack of Salt Lake City Utah beer and headed for the room. I hot tubed it after a beer and then was off to bed.
North tomorrow. We have no final destination in mind for tomorrow night. Our only constraint is we have to be in Bozeman to pickup a rental car and our wives on Saturday.

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