Two Days 8-16 & 17 of 17

When I got up I hot tubed it again then went to the car wash to rinse off as much evidence of having fallen as I could. I could not wash away the dents and scratches or the fact that left box was zip tied in the front to hold it in place and the windshield was gone. Maybe I didn’t like these boxes anyway. Bill went swimming, I worked on a post and had some breakfast.
We loaded the bikes and headed North on US 191 to SR 44 and views of the Flaming Gorge Reservoir National Park.

Flaming Gorge

After the park we stopped at the town of Green River, Wyoming where we rested, had something to drink and planed where to go from here. We happened upon a Harley dealer in Green River and I picked up a Chip. I think I now have over 140 chips in my collection all from different dealers.
We again headed out this time on SR 372 after deciding to go to Jackson, Wyoming for the night. SR 372 had a 70 MPH speed limit and every one was doing at least 75, we joined in. The road took us through high desert with miles and miles of sage and tumble weeds. It’s different country out there. The scenery changed as we came closer to Jackson. The beginnings of the mountains with pines rivers, lakes and an increasing elevation. Beautiful country.
We pulled into Jackson found our motel and settled into our rooms and cleaned up before going to dinner.

The room at the Antlers Motel in Jackson
Rich at the Elk Horn Arch
Bill at the Elk Horn Arch

We made a surprise choice and went to a microbrew called the Snake River Brewing. We had gone there 2 years ago when we visited Jackson with the Dennis Jackie and the girls. The place was packed with at least a 30 minute wait. We were lucky, found 2 seats at the bar and we were in.

In Snake River Brewing.
The Choices

The beer was good as was the food. Bill had a Thai pork belly dish and I has a Pork belly Roman dish. A good place to go. After Bill talked me into a last unneeded beer (he does this to me all the time), we navigated back to our motel and retired.
In the morning my latte was at a bagel place just kitty corner from our motel, the place was alive and full of early risers like myself. It was a small place and people just shared tables with each other. I sat with a guy from Southwest Michigan and talked about how he had invested in a couple of coffee shops in the Midwest.
When I returned to the room Bill was moving and we went to breakfast at a small Burrito breakfast place called D.O.G. whatever that stands for. Bill said the burrito was good and that it was spicy without additional seasonings. These little specialty places seem very common in resort communities.
I called the local KTM dealer and asked if he had a windshield for my bike. He didn’t but asked if I was going North, I said yes and he recommended the KTM dealer in Bozeman. I called but they only had windshields for the 1190 not my 1290, but he could order one and have it there on Monday. I asked how much , he said $64.00, I said order it. After market windshields are 3 times that much.
We met with Bills nephew Brett for lunch at the Wort Hotel. Bill and I had decided the night before to forgo staying there as the base room price of $480.00 seemed a little steep for us. We had a good lunch and Bill caught up on family things with his nephew. After lunch we all walked to the local outfitter store and I bought some NixWax to wash the riding gear with. A little more walking and we were back at the bikes so we could now show Brett what was left of our bikes after the COBDR.

Bill’s Nephew & Bill

We headed West out of Jackson and over the Teton Pass on SR 22. Another beautiful pass to cross and we are now in Idaho. Huge multi mile long fields of grain and potatoes. We were on or way to West Yellowstone for our stay at Jackie and Dennis’s house. We will stay there and watch the Eclipse Monday and leave Tuesday. Pauline and Mary will fly into Bozeman will fly in Saturday and go back home Tuesday.
Jackie and Dennis were at there house when we arrived at about 3 pm. Jackie showed us our rooms and we started to settle in, do laundry and so on. It really was time to wash our riding gear. After 16 days of wearing the same gear every day it need a cleaning. We used NixWax washing soap that is made to protect the waterproofing of your gear. I have used this in the past with good results. This time the NixWax did not do a good job of removing the ground in clay from our ride. I’ll try again when I get home and do a little hand scrubbing on these things. I have ruined my GoreTex in the past using regular laundry detergent, I don’t need to do that again.
Dennis, Bill and I got in Dennis’s truck and went to one of the two establishments they own in town, Rockies Nut House. A couple IPA’s and some discussion with the locals and we headed to their other establishment for a meal. Rockies only has pizza and we wanted something else.

The bar at Bullwinkle’s

We sat at the bar at Bullwinkle’s. Their was a line on the sidewalk to get seated at a table. Bill and I eat at the bar most of the time anyway. Bill and Dennis had the seafood pasta and I had the Mussels appetizer. Now full we went back to the house and turned in for the night.

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