Day 19, off the bikes for a while.

The following is a compilation of 5 days and there may be some inaccuracies but generally it’s close to accurate.
Today was the first day off of the bikes since August 1. An easy morning of hot tubing, coffee and conversation with everyone there. Jackie and Dennis have his nephew, wife and kids here for the eclipse. They are good people and that makes it easy with all of us staying in one house. Tonight there will be 11 people staying here. The house is big enough to handle the load.
In the morning we cleaned the bikes, straightened out the things we carry in the boxes and pushed out some of the dents on Bill’s boxes, I think mine are junk. With the bikes clean we were free for the day.

He now clean KTM.

After wondering around the house for a while we headed to Bullwinkle’s for dinner and enjoyed conversation with a couple from Australia. They were near our age and he had a collection of old British bikes including Nortons, Royal Infields and others. The bike he rides regularly is a KTM 990. We headed back to the house and had cocktails and conversation before going to bed.
It’s Saturday and the girls fly into Bozeman today. The trip to Bozeman airport takes just under 2 hours and their arrival time is 11:50. This made for an easy morning where we didn’t have to rush. Dennis drove and dropped us off at the Enterprise car rental in Bozeman about 12 miles from the airport. We saved $80 per day on the rental by not picking up at the airport. We had reserved a midsize car, which in the old days would have been called a sub compact. Fortunately we ended up with a mini van that was perfect for our needs.
We stopped at Big Sky for lunch at the Lone Peak Brewery and Mary and I tried a beer, while Pauline had a Bloody Mary. Bill was driving and abstained. The food was good and we were soon back on the road to West Yellowstone.

Lunch at Lone Peak Brewery.

Half way back to West we were passed by a white pickup. I looked and it was Dennis. After he dropped us off at the car rental he went to go to Cosco to pick-up sheet cakes for the restaurant and had been behind us until then. I think Dennis was in a hurry to get with us for the evening.
We went to Bullwinkle’s and bought some beer, then took the girls to the house to settle in. After a while Dennis arrived and we opened the outside bar, had some beers and discussed all that was happening in our lives. Later we all went to the restaurant where we showed the girls the changes since the last time we were there. We went back to the house and we ordered Pizza for dinner and just relaxed.
Sunday was another day to relax. Bill was bored and started to straighten up Dennis’s tools in the garage. This turned into a 2 day project. It all started after we were unable to find a hammer that Dennis was sure was at the house. He also stated he could never seem to find anything that he was sure he owned. We were around the house all day. We walked, rode bikes, went in the hot tub and steam room. We did chicken on the grill for dinner and relaxed again.  As you can imagine, we were becoming extremely relaxed by now.

Monday was eclipse day and we discovered that the glasses I bought from Amazon were not ISO quality. Luckily there were enough glasses from everyone else to go around. We had a great view from Jackie and Dennis’s deck. West Yellowstone got 98% view of the total eclipse. The strangest sensation was the drop in temperature. It must have dropped 15 degrees. Most everyone went in and got something warmer to wear.

Bills Ready
Jackie getting photo.

Tuesday we went to Virginia City, Montana and visited the Pioneer Bar that was owned by Dennis’s brother Neal. It’s a great old cowboy bar and it has been there a long time.
The pictures of the wolf on the bar and the bear are not photo shopped, they were taken by a photographer from England that sells large color prints of these photos for $10,000.00. The photos your seeing are black and white proofs.

The wolf on the Pioneer Bar in Virginia City, MT
Bear at the bar.

Tomorrow we continue our journey. The girls fly home and we continue on our way home.


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